Teeth Whitening

Stow, OH KöR Teeth Whitening

Do you have stained, mottled or spotted teeth? Tired of OTC whitening strips that never work? Maybe you have severely discolored teeth from tobacco or tetracycline use. Or you want to revive a smile that looks tired and dull. Whether it’s a quick smile touch-up or severe stains, your Stow, OH cosmetic dentist has the answer: KöR Deep Bleaching.

Power Whitening for the Brightest, Whitest Teeth

KöR Deep Bleaching is the only teeth whitening service that can lighten your teeth up to 16 shades. The special KöR whitening gel improves your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen, eliminating deep stain molecules. The procedure is supervised by your dentist from start to finish, so there’s no risk of over-bleaching or damaged gums.

Other benefits of KöR whitening:

• KöR can zap even the worst stains and bleach teeth stained by tobacco and antibiotics.
• Creates healthy and natural-looking results.
• There is minimal to zero sensitivity because the KöR whitening gel contain ingredients that protect your teeth as they whiten.
• KöR whitening trays are ultra-comfortable.
• The results can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

The Procedure

On your first visit, Dr. Murphy will take impressions of your teeth and make molds to create the custom whitening tray. The tray is like a mouth guard that fits comfortably over your teeth and delivers peroxide without harming the soft tissues. In a few days, the trays are ready to be worn. You’ll wear them for a few hours every day or at night for about two weeks. You will also receive maintenance trays to preserve your teeth’s brightness.

Results vary depending on the degree of discoloration and how white you want your teeth to be, but most patients see a dramatic difference after KöR deep bleaching for teeth whitening remedies.

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